YARD ETC | Pine Oil Soap
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Pine Oil Soap

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1000 ml

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Applications for YARD etc. Pine oil soap

All natural pine oil soap has been used for all-purpose cleaning for centuries and has amazing cleaning properties. It also leaves fresh air behind and is kind to hands and nature!

General dosage

Amount of Pine oil soap for 10 litres of water

25 ml – Lightly soiled surfaces and floors of linoleum, parquet or laminate

50 ml – Normally soiled surfaces as well as floors treated with oil or pine oil soap

100 ml – Heavily soiled surfaces

For efficient spray cleaning, mix 5 ml of pine oil soap and 5 dl of water in a bottle with a spray nozzle. Spray the dirty surface and wipe off.


Pine oil soap can be used for cleaning most surfaces in the bathroom such as toilet seat, sink, tiles, bath and shower.

Car & Boat

Pine oil soap works great for washing the outside and inside of the car as well as the boat.


Floors of linoleum and tile are easily cleaned with pine oil soap and water. Mix 25 ml of pine oil soap with 10 litres of water to scrub / wet dry.

Pine oil soap also protects an oiled floor from drying out. Dosage 10 ml of pine oil soap to 1 litre of water. Remember to re-oil the floor when it starts to dry out.

Old wooden floors become harder and beautifully grey for each time they are scoured. First soak a number of floorboards at a time with cold water. The water must be cold otherwise the floor will go yellow and dark! Dosage about 3 dl of pine oil soap to 10 litres of cold water. Then scrub the floorboards with the soap-mixture in the direction of the wooden fibres with a generous floor brush. Finally wipe off with clean cold water and a cloth.

Wet wipe wood flooring, lacquered wood flooring, laminate or linoleum flooring with a properly wrung cloth. Dosage 5 ml of pine oil soap to 1 litre of water.

Plastic flooring can also be wet wiped with pine oil soap. Dry afterwards with clean water and a cloth. Dosage 10 ml of pine oil soap to 1 litre of water.


The kitchen sink is easily cleaned with a little concentrated pine oil soap on a scouring pad.

Saucepans will be shining clean by boiling water with some pine oil soap in it and leave for a while with the lid on. Rinse and clean as usual.

Rub the oven with concentrated pine oil soap. Then heat the oven to 100 degrees and turn off. Allow to cool and then wipe off with water and a cloth.

The stovetop can also be cleaned with concentrated pine oil soap on a damp cloth. Rub it in and let it work for about a minute before wiping it off.


The wooden deck on the terrace or balcony is easily cleaned with pine oil soap. Mix 1 dl of pine oil soap with 10 litres of water and scrub. Gives a beautifully greyed wooden deck.

Grill and grids can be cleaned by rubbing them with concentrated pine oil soap. Wait a while, then scrape clean with a brush. Rinse with water and dry.

Outdoor furniture is easily cleaned with pine oil soap, water and a scrub brush.


If potted plants have been invaded by aphids, you can effectively use pine oil soap. Mix 9 dl of water with 0.5 dl of pine oil soap and add 1 dl of denatured alcohol. Spray on the exposed areas.