YARD ETC | Our Scents
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Our Scents

In our backyard we have lemon nettle, oakmoss, dog roses and tiny little green tomatoes. These natural scents of garden are treats for garden geeks.

Ficus Carica

Wild Fig

This is the green and fruity fragrance of freshly cut sweet, juicy and ripe wild figs.

Ficus carica is an Asian species belonging to the mulberry family. Native to the Middle East and western Asia and cultivated since ancient times.

Adam and Eve were said to have clad themselves with fig leaves after eating the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge. At Yard etc we avoid any forbidden fruits and just enjoy the fresh fragrance of fig.

Melissa Officinalis

Lemon Nettle

Like the fresh green and sweet scent that leaves your hands when rolling a leaf between them.

Lemon Nettle is a herb that grows wild mainly in southern Europe. In Sweden it’s popular for planting. The fresh scent resembles lemon .

Lemon Nettle has been popular for thousands of years and different cultures have used it for various purposes. YardETC uses it for the refreshing feeling.

Evernia prunastri


The wet forest scent from the deep woods where the trolls live.

Can be found in forests in Europe and North America. In Sweden it’s found mainly in the southern parts in the woods of Troll tails. The white-green moss grows on oak trees. The aroma is rich and earthly with a distinct fragrance of wet woodland.

Think of it as walking into to a John Bauer painting.

Solanum lycopersicum viridis

Green Tomato

Imagine the rich fragrance when picking tomatoes. Not from the tomato but from the plant itself. Like the broken stem of garden grown tomato – earthly, green and fresh.

Rosa canina

Dog Rose

The botanists floral dream, always there, growing in thousands, does not require much.

Dog Rose is a gift that keep on giving. We make scents from the sweet petals. The fruit makes excellent tea and the flowers are a joy to see. Just watch out for the thorns.