YARD ETC | Your Guide to Urban Gardening
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10 Apr Your Guide to Urban Gardening

It’s growing. Everywhere. In the pots on window boards and in balcony flower boxes. In gardens and porches. In greenhouses and allotments. But also on sidewalks, flowerbeds and cracks in the concrete and on the rooftops near
the sun.

It’s growing everywhere. More and more of us make sure it grows where we live, work or play. Because we want to keep the green close. We want to create oases near us and smell the flowers. We grow vegetables to be a part of
nature and what it offers.

The brand YARD ETC draws inspiration from the creativity and resourcefulness of the city’s back streets and courtyards. From passionate growers that don’t view asphalt, concrete and exhaust fumes as obstacles, but rather like challenges. People who plant and grow for their own use or simply for the joy and beauty of it.