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22 Jan Bulb-Recycling

The Christmas tree is thrown out and most seasonal flowers have ceased to dance. But save the finest bulbs for next year! Tulip bulbs are not much use in saving, they tend to be too difficult to make reblossom. Throw them in the compost. Hyacinths and lilies are really spring flowers and are great to replant in a flowerbed or pot. Cut off the stem of the flower and add some water and nutrition. Allow them to mature, dry up and then take them out of the pot. Store them dry and dark – or replant them immediately if it is possible to dig in the soil. A little snow doesn´t matter!


Fine amaryllises are too expensive for wear and tear. Cut off the flower stem and treat the plant like a potted plant (sparingly with water and a little fertilizer). Let it go sunbathing outdoors this summer (do not forget to water sometimes). Stop watering in September, dig up the bulb and store it in a dark and cool place. Let it rest until November when you bring it back into the warmth and light as well as start to water it again. (about 6 cl/ week).