YARD ETC | Get them early
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11 Apr Get them early

If you are lazy, or just smart and efficient, now is the time to make an effort in the garden. Then you can rock in the hammock when others toil and sweat in the summer.

This time of year all in the garden is fragile and brittle. Snails and weeds too. The soil is porous and moist, wich makes it easier to get a grip on the weed roots. So, get out out and hunt the tiny dandelion leaves now! It is best to use a dandelion weeding knife and go down deep, shake a little and dig up the evil by it’s roots.

Weeds in gravel paths I treat with sea salt. They are difficult to get up from in between rocks and such. I buy a big bag of cheap salt and sprinkles a tablespoon here and there. It feels better than strong chemicals. Salt is just salt – all natural. Just like in the sea nearby.

The damn snails is the next target to wage war on, before they multiplies catastrophically. A snail quickly gives rise to 400 new. Clean up and keep an eye on their hide-outs. Hand chase them after the rain. I pinch them with pliers and put them in a plastic bag. The I put them in the freezer and later the bin. I do not dare put them in the compost…

Beer is too good for them I think. The snails are not my friends. But some think beer traps works.