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11 Apr Noma goes urban farming

At New Year 2016 the world famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen closes. In 2017 they will reopen as an organic farm that provides them with natural ingredients The new location is on the verge of Christiania . An old factory will be the greenhouse and the...

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10 Apr Your Guide to Urban Gardening

It’s growing. Everywhere. In the pots on window boards and in balcony flower boxes. In gardens and porches. In greenhouses and allotments. But also on sidewalks, flowerbeds and cracks in the concrete and on the rooftops near the sun. It’s growing everywhere. More and more of us...

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04 Apr Springtime for gardening

Finally! Now it's here, so very looked-for - The spring of 2016. The light has returned and buds growing by the day. Snowdrops and hellebores are blooming here in Varberg. Winter rest is over and the gardening flowers in greenhouses, on balconies and window sills....

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04 Apr The products

YARD ETC. started with two sore hands and a strong and ever smouldering desire for horticulture. Like so many other gardening geeks we like to work with our bare hands. No gloves, with the fingers delving deep into the soil. So much of the sensation is...

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04 Apr The ingredients

We spotted a need and felt it was our mission to look for the best possible nurturing ingredients. Mild, yet effective raw ingredients to cleanse, nourish, moisturize and stimulate. Natural products of course, preferably organic, added with natural essential oils. Experienced craftsmen mix all these...

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29 Mar The Yard Philosophy

We want our cities green and our lunches home-grown. Cultivation is to create something with simple means. And the soil on our hands makes us all participants and creators. Like so many other gardening geeks we like to work with our bare hands. No gloves and...

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